Microblading is one of the most sought-after eyebrow-enhancing procedures these days. It’s fast, easy, and almost pain-free. Microblading prices can go anywhere from $400 to $800, but the price can still go higher if you also want microshading.

Microshading is an entirely different procedure that can be combined with microblading. It’s the procedure that fills your eyebrows to suit the shade that you want, thus giving you that 24/7 makeup look. If you choose to add microshading to microblading, then you may have to shell out some $50 to $100 on the total price.

Microblading: Before and After

Before microblading, you may have thin, almost-nothing eyebrows. But after just two to three hours into the procedure, you’ll see that your brows become fully augmented, which means it’s thicker, fuller, and more shapely now. It may also look darker than you expected, but that’s okay. The strong pigment will fade a little bit in a few days.

After the right shade of the pigment has set, you’ll enjoy waking up with the perfect pair of brows. And mainly because of that, you don’t have to worry about shaping or shading your brows each morning. Saving a few minutes in doing your eyebrows everyday will go a very long way.

You’ll then have the perfect brows to go with your business suit or with that little black dress you always wear during dates and nights out with friends. The well-shaped look of your brows will make everyone think that you have spent some two hours on it but it’s really just five minutes. How’s that for a benefit?

Should You Try Microblading?

If you want to enhance your eyebrows and sport the perfect brows with the least effort on your part, then this procedure is for you. After microblading, you no longer have to spend a significant amount of time doing your brows. Using a brush or a pencil on your eyebrows will just be a thing of the past.

Many people, mostly women, have already tried microblading and they were very happy about it. They now love taking a selfie after waking up because they’re proud of their I-woke-up-like-this look. Their new-found self-confidence allows them to reach new heights. They no longer have any problems with low self-esteem because they always feel amazing.

How to Find an Eyebrow Aesthetician

The key to getting the best eyebrows through microblading is finding the most talented eyebrow aesthetician. Get out there and scout which spas and beauty centers are offering the service in your area. Ask around and request for a free consultation with the eyebrow artist so you can gauge their expertise on the procedure.

During the consultation, you’ll discover what technique the aesthetician uses. They will oftentimes use stencils to create the perfect shape and simply fill it in using the microblading technique. For faster healing, some use ointments while others prefer dry healing. It all boils down to what technique you’re most comfortable with and which one will work for you best.